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1965 CJ5 Universal Empty 1965 CJ5 Universal

Post  jbydesign on Fri Jan 06, 2012 2:40 pm

You are looking at a 46 year old classic Jeep CJ 5 Universal Kaiser. I am the second owner and have just completed a 4 month long restoration to preserve this wonderful vehicle to as close to stock as possible. This was not a museum resto and while she possess the legendary capability that Jeep was founded on she is not a mudder, lifted or cut up in any way. What she is… is a very nice, clean and reliable driver and quite simply a ton of fun! Included in the sale at no additional cost: loads of waves and thumbs ups along with many stories of their father’s jeeps… She driver as good as new if not better… her top speed is aprox 60 MPH so she makes a great around town cruiser…

Complete set of Dunlop Tires including matching spare
Steering from tie rod end to tie rod end and rebuilt box
Steering wheel and horn button
Seats (all orig springs and framework)
Tail lights (old school housings w/ LEDs)
Turn signals up front
Wire (most has been replaced or re-terminated)
Tune up including points cap rotor wires plugs condenser
Fluids changes in the front and rear diffs Transmission and transfer case as well as engine
Fresh Bright Red Paint
Rhino Lined interior and dash
Pool ball shift knob (real deal)
Bestop Super top with two piece doors (NO SNAPS!)
Day Cover (windshield to tail gate)
Basic Stereo with marine speakers (nothing fancy)
Repair Manual
Fuel Tank (teal also rhino lined)
Tow Bar

1965 CJ5 Universal IMG_0667

1965 CJ5 Universal IMG_0685

During the build!

1965 CJ5 Universal IMG_0474

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