Tummy Tucked!

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Tummy Tucked!

Post  jbydesign on Wed Jan 04, 2012 7:05 am

OK... we started with an '04 Willy's edition... 3" BL, 1" MML and 2.5" OME lift along with a shifter kit for the transfere case.

the goal was to increase clearance without raising the CG...

Nth degree Tummy Tucker and Currie CAs... both are super well built!


It took about 18 hrs... start to finish and one extra SYE which apparently cames stock after '03... also added a CV rear shaft...

Install went very smoothly... only two hickups were the lower rear spring mounts needed to notched to allow the shocks clearance after the rear axle was rotated to correct drive line... and the adaptor for the stick shift (3" body lift) was a b!tch to remove...

all in all I am very happy and can not wait to wheel it!




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