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Post  jbydesign on Wed Jan 04, 2012 7:00 am

While I am certain that I have seen this atleast once... here we go one more time... I will start by explaining why... if it is not already. a couple weeks ago a punk ^ss kid from the neighborhood poped open my center console and swiped a couple of cigars... left my good sunglasses! So started the mission!

I purchased a 20mm Ammo can for under $30 from Parrot Army Surplus (very nice people) a vending machine style cam lock , keys and arm from MidWest Security Products Midwest Security Products also really great people. The local home improvement store for foam tape some rivets and door sweep weather stripping (E Brake opening).

I removed the stack console... there are screws/bolts hidden under the rubber inserts in the cup holders front and back. and one under the shift boot. be very careful popping out the shift boot the trim ring is sort of delicate. The old out... touched up the bedliner (carpet has been long gone)

The 20mm can has clamp latches on either end, one of which I modiffied to work as a hinge and secured with 1/2" carraige bolts. Remove the E brake... I used a dremel tool with a fiber cutting wheel... as my weapon of choice... I cut a rectangular opening in the bottom to allow the brake cable to enter the bottom of the box. Dry fit... cut some more... I calculated the front for the e brake handle to be 3" off the floor to around 10"... cut dry fit and trim if needed. I used some weather strip trim used on the bottom of doors to finish off the slot for the e brake... rivietted in place. Drilled to holes for the rear mounting (the bolts in the backseat cup holders).

I have access to some really great sewing equiptment (I design body armor) so I made a simple cordura covered padded arm rest... on a peice of starboard. Drilled a couple of holes in the lid for mounting.

Installed the lock and mounted a small piece of angle to the inside, note that I installed the angle so that it made contact with the canm arm when the front latch was released... do not want to put unneeded stress on the lock...
Dry fit one last time... prep, prime and paint rattle canned with textured satin black. a couple of beers later and install!

Ammo Can Cosole Dryfit

Ammo Can Cosole EBrake

Ammo Can Cosole Bottomholes

Ammo Can Cosole Dryfit

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