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Review - Aussie Lunchbox Locker D30 Empty Review - Aussie Lunchbox Locker D30

Post  RockOn93 on Wed Dec 14, 2011 9:33 am

In July I bought 93 YJ - open diffs front and rear. I had a plan to address the rear but was unsure what to do for the front dana 30 axle. So the research began... and the first thing that hit my was the cost! My first reactions was to look for an alternative to save some cash. I started reading reviews about the Aussie lunchbox locker on Jeep Forum - YJ techincal section. For every 10 people who praised the Aussie, there was 1 or 2 that complained about the locker "clicking" while turning corners during street driving. A couple complained that it was not durable and broke. Some stated that they experienced trouble with the locker disengaging. But for the most part most of the YJ guys loved it. So I went on line to Northridge 4x4 and ordered one. Cost $279.00.

Now the installation. I dont have the skills to pull this off so I enlisted the help of man who I knew wouldn't be afraid - YJay92. While I was visiting my folks for my birthday, YJay92 tackled the job. I have ran it now for about 3 months and here is my impressions...

I love it. For the cost it is outstanding. Driving on the street so far, the locker has been 100% invisable. No clicking... no locking/chripping. The locker engages immediately when placed in 4 wheel drive and disengages immediately when shifted out of 4 wheel drive. I have heard some clicking when the locker is under strain or torque is loaded on it but nothing that causes me an ounce of concern. The locker greatly improved by Jeep's capability... night and day difference. I highly recommed this option for people looking for a low cost upgrade to their diff. Hopefully I can edit this post later to add an endorsement for the Aussie's durability. Now some more background on me and my Jeep so you weigh this review as it pertains to your needs:
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