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Posting Photos

Post  mudderboat on Wed Feb 16, 2011 1:07 pm

Including Photos in a Post

To post photos, all you need to know is the URL of the photo. Once you have that just place the URL between the tags
[img] & [/img]


1. Find the picture you want to include at you post. Once you find the picture detirmine the size you want to post with. Recommended sizes run for about 500x400 to 1200x900. It's really a personnal choice but posting a photo much larger than 1400x1000 makes viewing a post a pain and loading times a drag.

2. To select a size click on the "Action" memu and select "View all sizes" from the resulting drop down as shown by the red bound markings below.

3. Right-click in the photo to bring up the menu where the "Properties" item can be selected, as shown by the red bounded areas.

4. At the properties window copy the photo's URL as shown by the red bounded area.

5. The URL can be pasted directly into the text entry area of the post (flanked by the "img" & "/img" tags) or you can click on the picture icon as shown below.

Once you submit your post the posted entry should appear similar to this.


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