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Post  mudderboat on Wed Feb 16, 2011 12:07 pm

Linking Video Clips

YouTube Videos

To include YouTube videos in your posts...

1. Get the the URL to the video you want to share. The URL can be acquired by getting the video in one of your browser's window and right-clicking on the video to get a pop-up menu like the one shown below. Click on "Copy Video URL".
Posting Videos 5451036935_af966cd2e7_o

2. Link the video into your post by clicking on the movie icon just above the post text entry area (as shown by red circle in the image below).
Posting Videos 5451647956_35701c6a78_o

3. Paste the video URL into the text entry field shown (bounded in red) in the image shown below.
Posting Videos 5451648048_791c4a49f8_o

Once the post is submitted, the link should appear similar to the one below.


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