99 TJ - Front Drive shaft CV Rebuild and Install

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99 TJ - Front Drive shaft CV Rebuild and Install

Post  stuckzilla on Tue Feb 08, 2011 2:37 pm

Round about mid February 2010, with about 110K miles on the Jeep,I had a pretty rapid on set of angry sparrows. I wasn't sure what the cause was but at a friend's suggestion I looked at the front drive shaft. After jacking up the Wrangler and hand spinning the wheels, I was able to pin point the nasty squeeking to exactly the component he suspected... the front CV.

What follows in the photos at the link below are the CV rebuild steps with the drive shaft already removed.


With the correct parts on hand the whole job can be done in just a little over an afternoon. I'll get a list of recommeneded tools and parts up in the next post. The pics and steps supplied here are for a non-Rubicon TJ (model year 1999). Feel free to post up variations, recommendations or important differences between models or model years.

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